Sculpture and drawings by Stephen Watts

I am a sculptor currently living in the UK. I have been carving stone since I was 6 yrs old, having the skills passed on to me by me grandfather Peter Watts FRBS. Peter was a sculptor in the Gill tradition with a firm belief that, while his work was clearly ‘of the 20th Century’, this was built on a continuity of tradition extending back to Romanesque and Medieval times. My key influences are both this tradition that I was born into, and the early 20th century sculpture movement in Britain, started by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore as well as others.
sketch rendition of Crow Lady.

sketch rendition of Crow Lady.

ANIMA LOC - spirit of the place

Me and my dad decided to make an Andy Goldsworthy style sculpture on the beach. It took us about a couple of hours. It was a magical feeling, working with the tide as the deadline. We watched it collapse into the sea. Each stone shaped by the ocean, we were just placing the stones in a different configuration.

More sketches, made the the Bread and Jam gathering, 2013

3rd life drawing class.

If there are any of these scetches that you like and want to buy, then contact me and name a price.

Quick sketches from life drawing class.  (5 minutes)

If you like any of these I can send them to you through the post. You suggest a price.


The theme for this sculpture is marriage.

I got the form for this sculpture from a shamanic journey i did in 2011. I am training to become a shamanic practitioner with the Sacred Trust.


This is my first figurative sculpture. It is for sale, contact me if you are interested in buying it.